Regulation / contract

The Gapwork Solutions Team UG appears on this assignment as authorized service provider, hereinafter as the “Proxy”. The proxy’s registered office is in Stuttgart, Germany. By signing this regulation / contract, the Client is hereinafter referred to as the “Client”. The Client assigns the Proxy to act in its Company establishment with the Lawyers, to properly prepare the company registration at our Notary.
§ 1 Costs of company establishment
During the assignment the costs of the selected service must be completely settled in advance.
§ 2 Reimbursement of expenses
The costs included in §1, that is incurred on the basis of the assignment, are paid in advance by the Client. The settlement of the costs may be executed in cash or by bank transfer, through PayPal, to the Proxy’s bank account, against invoice.
§ Further costs
Eventual further annual company maintenance costs are settled by the Client according to the regulation of the given country on an annual basis.
§ 4 Consequences of the non-payment of further (annual costs)
If the client omits or does not settle the annual company maintenance costs, in this case, for example the English Limited will be deleted at the Commercial court. In case of not submitting the closure documents, the Director shall expect a serious fine.
§ 5 The client’s reporting obligation
If the Client makes changes, amendments related to its enterprise, it undertakes to report immediately to the consigner:
Particularly important:
•Declare any kind of changes in the address
•Changes of contact details (Contact person’s telephone and fax number, e-mail address, etc.)
Particularly important for English Limited companies
If the local founder does not get the company maintenance allowances until the 12th month from the establishment, in this case, the Consigner is liable to inform the founding agent to avoid further complications.
§ 6 Execution of the assignment
The client and the Proxy agree separately. The Proxy commits itself to perform its assignment carefully, in particular for the adequate and quick processing of the Documents. The company registrations take place in each country on the basis of their own national rules, laws. In England, the English “Companies Act 2006” and further rules shall apply. All information, remark and advice are based on the information taken from the regulations of the countries and are based on the Proxy’s own interpretation. The Proxy’s service exclusively aims at the preparation of establishment and registration of companies. Using separate services are subject to an agreement.
§ 7 Responsibility
No responsibility shall fall on the Proxy in case of all legal and economic plan, which may be related to the company establishment services, such as business success, expected profit, etc. Furthermore, the Proxy assumes no responsibility for the legal or other consequences resulting from the Information. Moreover, the Proxy does not take any responsibility in case if the consigner or its legal personality may have any extra cost or loss due to the company establishment, company registration or other services.
§ 8 Other
If the Client does not observe the regulation / contract or withdraws the contract, the documents are refused by the Commercial court, Registration office during the Company registration, in this case the service fees performed so far will be charged, these will not be reimbursed.
I have read, understood this contract/regulation, I accept each point and I certify it by my signature.