Law gavel on a stack of American money.

Our company has been working for many years with a reliable tax adviser office where accountants and tax lawyers, lawyers also work and therefore a complete professional team stands behind you.

To what should you pay attention when you are searching for an accountant for your company?

You must be aware that for example, in Germany, only a tax adviser can prepare a tax closure, but an accountant cannot. You may expect real, professional advice only from a tax adviser. Review carefully the quotation and examine it according to the following aspects:

  1. the price includes the accounting of how many items
  2. does it include the tax closure at the end of the year or it is for an extra charge.

After the company establishment, you shall request the VAT number. This is also performed by the tax adviser. It is important clear here that at our company, the establishment of a company is ready when it has the Gewerbescheint, that is the business license. Thus, without it, the tax adviser cannot request the VAT number. (In case of many service providers, the company establishment is closed when the registering at the commercial court is done)

What does the request of the VAT number contain in Germany:

  1. balance sheet opening
  2. request of VAT number
  3. requesting an EU VAT number
  4. zero value tax certificate (it is necessary only for the companies operating in the construction industry)

It has a single price of € 99.00+VAT. You always enter into contract directly with the tax adviser office.
If you need a lawyer specialized in economy, a solicitor, you can also find them at our partner.
Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us.