Recovery of outstanding debts

Have not you been paid in Germany? Is the existence of your enterprise threatened by the high outstanding debts?  Unfortunately, in Germany, the payment behavior is getting lower. Many entrepreneurs do not even know where to start and what instruments they have. In numerous cases, a lawyer is inevitable. Our company strives for having agreement with your client by means of amicable settlement. After reviewing the documents, we can offer you different opportunities. If the owing party refuses all compromises, then unfortunately it is inevitable to have a lawsuit. We also help you to save some money here, by taking your case to the lawsuit. Before the start of the lawsuit, we will help you to find a lawyer.

As each case is different, it is not possible to give a general offer in this case. The first step is a conversation by telephone or skype. The second step is the collection of documents. In the third step, we will discuss the possible forms of money collection. As a fourth step, we contact the owing company.