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Why is it worth setting up a company in Switzerland? Do I need any licenses?

Despite the fact that Switzerland is not the member of the EU, it allows that anyone, even foreign citizens, can establish an enterprise, company in Switzerland.In Switzerland, for the daily business activity, for its permanent operation, you need a work permit and a residence permit.

At our company, the following Swiss company types may be established:

Limited liability company (GmbH)Public limited company (AG)

Necessary steps for the establishment of your activity:

Articles of Association, in case of public limited companies, creation of memorandum by notary,Opening of Swiss company bank accountPaying the stamp duty, one percent of the capital (tax exemption up to one million Swiss franc)!Introduction of employees into the social security system at both levels, that is at federal and cantonal level, too.

In addition to the share capital and to the liability, an entrepreneur has to take into consideration also the tax policy.How much is the corporate tax and the local business tax in Switzerland?Up to what extent am I exempt from VAT?How is the personal income tax developed in Switzerland?

The corporate tax rate, that is profits tax is 8.5 % at national level, and the tax of cantons and municipalities, 16.4%-29.2%, is added to this. On average, 23.3% shall be paid.Local business tax: exits only in the canton of GenevaExtent of the income tax: varies by cantons and municipalitiesThe rate of the general VAT is 8% ; 3,8% és 2,5%


Swiss AG € 1.999 +19% VAT

Swiss AG € 1.999 +19% VAT

Swiss AG – Public limited company Guidelines for the establishment of a Swiss AG (Aktiengesellschaft – public limited company) Packet A (Owner, as founder /shareholder and director) Establishment without the presence of the founding member Filling in the form “Founder form Swiss AG” Offer Opening of the capital deposit account Payment of the registered capital […]


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