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In addition to the share capital and to the liability, an entrepreneur has to take into consideration also the tax policy.

How much is the corporate tax and the local business tax in England?Up to what extent am I exempt from VAT?How is the personal income tax developed in England?

Corporate tax rate, that is 20 and 26% of the profits tax (the company which does not have a resident status, is not subject to the English corporate tax)

Local business tax: none

Extent of the income tax : 20-40%The rate of the general VAT 20% (reduced rate: 5%).exempt from VAT up to an income of GBP 73 000

In England, your company, enterprise is ready in 24 hours. In addition to the quick company registering, the English company establishment has other advantages, for example, there is no need for a lawyer, therefore there is less administrative work, and this way the costs of establishment and maintenance are lower.

Its greatest advantage among the capital companies is that it can be set up with GBP 1. Furthermore, the English tax policy is very company-friendly.

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BASIC PACKAGE € 197,00 +19% VAT

BASIC PACKAGE € 197,00 +19% VAT

What does the package include? Establishment on the same day All administrative fee is paid Filling in and forwarding all documents Printed version of instrument of establishment 3 printed samples of the Memorandum and the Articles First Class based posting Free support


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