The financing of the car fleet means a problem for the recently formed companies. Whether it is only one car, or a complete fleet, a limousine or a truck. Our company provides help to those small and medium sized enterprises who do not have the appropriate financial coverage, or who simply do not want to invest their cash holdings into cars. The expectation of most banks is that the company shall be able to present an annual balance for min. three years. In each case, they examine the solvency of the director and the owners.

Thus, the newly established companies enter the German market with a big disadvantage and little chance. Of course, there is a solution for everything. In this case, the car leasing.

What can we help you?

  1. finding a car leasing company who is willing to enter into contract with a newly established company
  2. financing and sale and purchase intermediation (by the participation of our lawyer)
  3. entry into service
  4. finding the appropriate car insurance

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