Bank Card

For start-ups, opening a bank account takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month. With us you can do it within 4 days. If you have a corporation, it can even be opened within 24 hours. After the appointment with the public notary, you will be in the bank on the same day or the next morning, where you should just sign the completed documents.

Why does it take so long to open an account?

The banks examine the companies, their activities and owners particularly carefully before the account opening is approved. Our company has had close relationships with banks in other countries for many years, thanks to which an account can be opened within a few days or weeks.

Many customers inquire whether an EU citizen can open a euro account in another EU country. The answer is yes. The question, however, is whether the German tax authority and the accountant can understand the foreign in this case the foreign bank statement.

You can request services such as online banking and EC cards for yourself and a partner card even for your family members living in Hungary.

Firms or smaller businesses can take credit from their bank after 3 years.

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